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ShantiNiketan-FL Phase 3 Availability

We are happy to announce the launch of ShantiNiketan Village (SNV) in Tavares, FL. SNV is located on Route 19 south, behind the Foxborough subdivision, about 4 miles from Phase 1 and 2. A total of 100 acres has been acquired to build SNV over the next few years.

SNV will consist of the following projects over the next few years:
Project Name Total Units # of Bedrooms Car Garage Unit SqFt
SN Phase 3 120 units 2 Bdrms + Den 1 1,200 SqFt
SN Phase 4 320 units 1 Bdrm 600 SqFt
SN Phase 5 120 units 2 Bdrms + Den 1 1,200 SqFt
SN Phase 6 – Ashram 320 units 1 Bdrm 600 SqFt
SN Phase 7 120 units 2 Bdrms + Den 1 1,200 SqFt
Gymkhana Club a private membership Clubhouse with meditation hall, a 200 seat theater, swimming pool, sauna, gym, and much more

Phase 3 and Phase 4 are being launched now. Many of you are waiting to make your bookings in these Phases.

We are taking "pre-bookings" starting immediately at a discounted price of 20% lower than the initial price as given below. This pre-booking condos will be delivered at the end of the project in approximately 4 years. Those interested in making the pre-bookings will have to give the discounted amount in one payment. This amount will be held as a loan with the company and returned to you when your condo is ready. This loan will not carry any additional interest, other than the discount offered. The contracts for the condo will be signed and given once the Division of Condominium, FL approves the formation of the condominium in the next few weeks. On receipt of your check, you will receive a letter indicating your condo allotment.

Since there are many of you who have requested to pre-book these condos, in order to be fair to all of you, we have decided to allot the condos on a first-come-first-served basis. You can visit

Phase 3 TWO bedrooms:
Phase 4 ONE bedroom:

and see what condos have already been selected by others and what is available for you to choose from. We will constantly update the website as we keep receiving the checks.
Before mailing us the check please call us (352-508-7060) and make sure that the condo you select is available for allotment.

We would like to inform you ALL the 2 bedroom condos will be an "end unit" (see layout) since each block of building will have only 4 condos. Each wing will consist of 3 such buildings for a total of 12 condos per wing. The condos on the "outside" periphery will have a premium ($5,000 for 2-bedroom and $3,000 for 1-bedroom condos) added to the base price.

Options and Upgrades will be selected and paid for (in addition to the base price) when your building construction begins. Approximately one year before delivery of condo.

The pricing for this pre-launch is as follows:
Phase # of bedrooms Launch price Discount Pre-booking price
3 2 $250,000 20% $200,000 + premium if any
4 1 $125,000 20% $100,000 + premium if any

If you are interested in making a pre-booking, please call us first and then send your completed Pre-booking Form (Click Here to download the form) with your check to
ShantiNiketan-FL, LLC
824 S. Duncan Drive
Tavares, FL 32778

Both Phase 3 & Phase 4 is expected to be completed in 4 years. The earliest occupancy for regular buyers is expected to be December 2016. If you are interested in buying and moving in at this time, we will be ready to take the bookings after the Division of Condominium approval of the condominiums is complete in the next few weeks.

Click Here to download the Pre-booking Form.

Wing D
Condo #BR SqFt GarageRegular Price Discounted PriceStatus Completion
D1 2 1,200 1 SOLD
D2 2 1,200 1 SOLD
D3 2 1,200 1$250,000 $200,000Available 08/2019
D4 2 1,200 1 SOLD
D5 2 1,200 1 SOLD
D6 2 1,200 1$250,000 $200,000Available 08/2019
D7 2 1,200 1 SOLD
D8 2 1,200 1$250,000 $200,000Available 08/2019
D9 2 1,200 1 SOLD
D10 2 1,200 1$250,000 $200,000Available 08/2019
D11 2 1,200 1 SOLD
D12 2 1,200 1 SOLD
Wing E
Condo #BR SqFt GarageRegular Price Discounted PriceStatus Completion
E1 2 1,200 1 SOLD
E2 2 1,200 1 SOLD
E3 2 1,200 1$250,000 $200,000Available 12/2019
E4 2 1,200 1 SOLD
E5 2 1,200 1$250,000 $200,000Available 12/2019
E6 2 1,200 1 SOLD
E7 2 1,200 1$250,000 $200,000Available 12/2019
E8 2 1,200 1 SOLD
E9 2 1,200 1$250,000 $200,000Available 12/2019
E10 2 1,200 1 SOLD
E11 2 1,200 1 SOLD
E12 2 1,200 1 SOLD

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